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Storage Facility

Primeur Cellars has a 4,000 sq ft cellaring facility with 560 cellars, each designed to hold 20 Bordeaux cases and a further 20 single bottles. (Height : 107cm, Length : 113cm x Width : 75cm).

The cellars are stacked 3-high, arranged neatly in rows and are logically numbered.

Temperature and Humidity

Temperature is the single most important factor that determines how well your wines mature. Too warm and your wines will develop too rapidly; too cold and they will be stunted. Fluctuating temperatures will also prevent your wines from reaching their optimum potential.

At Primeur Cellars, our facility is maintained at 12-14ºC (+/- 2C)

Humidity is maintained at 60% to 80% to ensure corks do not dry out, shrink and cause leakage.

Light and Noise

Light, or the lack of it, is important to ensure no ultraviolet ray damages the wines. Here at Primeur Cellars, there is no exposure to direct sunlight. The lights are only turned on when you access the facility and turned off when you leave.

Primeur Cellars is vibration-free. The facility is situated in a high-class building with fellow tenants in low-noise businesses. Our chiller condensers are situated outside the facility to ensure your wines remain in a quiet and vibration-free environment.

Besides vibration, movement will affect the development of your wines. Since only you have access to your wines, they will only be moved when you handle them.

Biometric. Security .System

Primeur Cellars utilizes a biometric security system that allows access using fingerprint recognition technology. Your presence will be required during the initial registration and you may authorize one other person to have access to your wine cellar. The authorized person must also register his/her fingerprint and personal/contact details with us.


Your wines are precious and will grow in value. At Primeur Cellars, access is through biometric security systems and restricted only to customers and authorized personnel. 24/7 CCTV monitoring is also in place.

Opening Hours

All registered users have 24/7 access to the facility.


Please contact us for more details.